Cindy Sheehan arrested for squatting on the sidewalk, gets a hand from police

Cindy Sheehan has been arrested for sitting on a DC sidewalk. Not dramatic, but it got her arrested and enshrined into the pantheon of activists who’ve managed to be put into cuffs.

Some of the rather loud and obnoxious speakers at the antiwar rallies spoke out against the war in Iraq, and still others took to the podium to talk, unimpeded, and said whatever they wanted about whomever they wished. This freedom to prattle incessently is, somehow, supposed to demonstrate the sheer oppression of the Bush administration.

The protesters were free to do whatever they wanted…except sit on a sidewalk.

The message from DC police is clear. Protesters are like dog poop. If one is sitting on the sidewalk, you’d better pick it up quick or you’ll be ticketed.

The photo below shows an officer reaching in and trying to remove Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who were stowing away so they could get in Sheehan’s mug shot.

Worst case scenario: “We’ve got a gun! No, wait… oh my God!”


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Author: Doug Powers

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