New column: Save the planet — Homeschool

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another column. Today’s topic revolves around some schools that are closing on certain days, or taking every Friday off in one instance, to conserve fuel, and, of course, money.

After reading about those schools, it occurred to me that homeschoolers should be the new darlings of the environmental activists. School buses burn hundreds of millions of gallons of gas per year, and they’re not required by the homeschooled.

Should homeschoolers turn their educational preference into an environmental movement instead of an educational one in order to get some “help” from the government? There are, of course, other factors to consider. Read “Homeschool and save the planet!” to find out what they are.

“Public schooling, or saving the environment? So, what’ll it be, punk?”

Here’s some early feedback:

Jeff M. writes:

You just don’t get it. Maybe if there was enough funding for public schools in the first place, this wouldn’t be a problem. Teachers wouldn’t have history textbooks that were 20 years old. They also would not on their meager salaries have to dig into their own pockets to buy materials for students when there is not enough in the district.

Lets face the truth; Conservatives do not want public schools funded because many teachers are liberal and that would mean helping the enemy.

We can spend billions a day in Iraq for people who were dancing in the street on 9/11 but supporting education is a waste of money.

Jodi H. addresses the final sentence in Jeff’s letter, along with a line in my column:

…with this quote :”Whether you’re for homeschooling or not, you have to admit that there’s something seriously wrong with the public system when the solution to an energy problem is to stop educating our children. ”

You forgot one thing. The public schools stopped educating our children a long time ago.


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