The "Bill Clinton for First Lady" movement: Bubba to stain yet another office?

Somebody is already excited about the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency, but not for anything specifically concerning Queen Carpetbagger, but rather her husband. Check out and find out how you, too, can help Bill Clinton become the first male First Lady since Eleanor Roosevelt.

We’ll find out soon enough if this could be a reality. Thanks to a potential challenge from Al Gore, not to mention John Kerry, Hillary will have to move more outwardly to the left and torque up her “for the common good” talk. She did that last year at a fundraiser in San Francisco, and for the first time in decades, Hillary managed to arouse a man– unfortunately, that man was Karl Marx.

How would America embrace Bill Clinton as First Lady? Better than the pasty former comedian Bill Maher treats the current one. Maher must have been going for a door prize, because he was the millionth sniveling lib to use the words “Bush” and “Hitler” in the same sentence, using a comparison involving Laura Bush and Hitler’s dog (Adolph’s beloved pet was a female German Shepherd named “Blondi“– between the two of them, they had a ball).

Oh yes, while at the Bill for First Lady site, also be sure to check out the “Republicans suck t-shirt hall of fame“. There’s also a preview of some Hillary campaign slogans of the future. Here’s one:

I think I’m going to be ill


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