Rangel-ing with demogogery — More "Bush is like (insert name of racist meanie of historical significance here)" idiotic comparisons

New York Representative Charles Rangel, left, who says something inane with such high frequency that he is now only audible via short wave radio, compared Bush to Theophilus “Bull” Connor, the Birmingham police commissioner who, in 1963, turned fire hoses and attack dogs loose on black demonstrators.

Rangel took a break from gargling Drano long enough to croak out more of his bile at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting. “Bush is like (Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Bull Connor, Caligula, asbestos, and scorching hot coffee)” correlations have now become the Donkey Party’s national pastime, replacing Dem senate pages slapping a hand away from their skirts and saying, “I said no, Senator Kennedy!”

Rangel blasted Bush for insensitivity to poor blacks in the wake of hurricane Katrina when the comparison was made. How come Democrats never compare Bush to past racists like Robert Byrd? Oh, wait…

Rangel’s politics have done more to ensure that the poor stay poor than George W. Bush, and most white “racists” combined. Charles Rangel bitching about poverty is like listening to the Menendez brothers whine about being orphaned.


Good friend of this site, Bill, reminds us in the comments section, “And the best part is that Bull Connor was a Democrat.”

So, when Rangel said that “George W. Bush is our Bull Connor”, Charlie’s conveniently overlooking the fact that the Democrats already had Bull Connor? Too good.

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Author: Doug Powers

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