"Meathead" for California governor? Liberal entertainers fail to win over voters

At a townhall style meeting voicing opposition to California Prop. 75, actor/director Rob Reiner was open to the idea of a future candidacy.

Reiner’s always been poltically active, but most liberal entertainers almost always merely entertain the idea of running for office for fear of embarrassment at the polls, which is almost inevitable. They opt instead to create fictional scenarios where Martin Sheen, Michael Douglas, and Gina Davis actually end up in the Oval Office. Fictional is where it’s likely to stay.

In the previous presidential election, Reiner visited Iowa along with fake president Martin Sheen. “Meathead” as he is known to many, was campaigning for Howard Dean. So was Reiner.

The Hollywood left usually fails at politics, and the reason is simple: They’re nuts. Take Nora Ephron for example. She’s now “out of love” with Bill Clinton because ol’ Bubba’s too conservative for her. And Nora’s moderate by Hollywood standards.

Reiner’s latest cause is opposition to Prop. 75, a ballot initiative being pushed by Schwarzenegger, which would require public employee unions to get permission to use members’ dues for political purposes. Reiner’s reasoning:

“The things I care about — education, health care, energy, environment — I need, we all need, to have everybody’s voice heard. If a democracy is to work properly, we must not, we dare not, have any voice suppressed.”

So, Rob’s position is that if a union member doesn’t want his or her money to go toward a political entity he or she opposes, completely ignoring their wish and donating their money to that entity anyway is freeing that union member from suppression?

Interesting… that’s the same logic that would justify keeping an innocent person locked in solitary confinement because it’s “freeing them from the risk of getting in a car accident.”

Though Reiner is against Prop. 75, he was a vocal proponent of Prop. 10, which raised the price of a pack of cigarettes to about what it costs to see one of his movies (including popcorn, Coke, and Junior Mints).

Reiner Fun Fact: When Reiner directed Alec Baldwin in “Ghosts of Mississippi” in 1996, the two couldn’t be on the set at the same time due to a little known scientific principle called the “Chomsky-Totenberg effect”, which states that two liberals in the same room cease brainwave function of anybody in proximity.

Reiner had the easiest role in “All in the Family” because he was the only character to play himself

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Author: Doug Powers

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