Teen abortion down, pregnancy down, liberal blood pressure up

U.S. teen pregnancy, birth rates, and abortions have sunk to all-time lows. This according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

You know you’re dealing with a dehumanizing public bureaucracy when the monitoring of the spread of babies falls under the umbrella of the “disease control” department.

This news has to really tick off the likes of Barbara Boxer, the foreperson at the abortion mill who, based on her actions, words, and Senate voting record, is paid a straight “per abortion” commission.

This from the story:

This rosy picture has two blemishes. First, the U.S. teen birth rate remains the highest in the industrialized world – twice Canada’s, for example, and five times France’s.

Well, it’s twice as cold in Canada, doubling the difficulty of removing your clothing long enough for anything. Ever try to get some action in the backseat while wearing a snowsuit? As for France, men are five times less likely to want to have sex with a woman with armpit hair. So, despite this, it’s still good news for the United States.

About half the drop is attributed to teens saying “no” to intercourse. Remember when Nancy Reagan was laughed at by many at for her “just say ‘no'” campaign

“Reagan’s wrong” said liberals. “Kids are too stupid to have self control.”

So, once again, a Reagan was right, liberals were wrong, and to add insult to injury, the abortion rate is declining rapidly while their precious Roe v. Wade law is still intact.

My guess is that all this is anything but good news to the pro abortion left. After all, what good is a “right” if it isn’t exercised early and often?

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Author: Doug Powers

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