Is the U.S. ready for a female president? Sort of.

Newsweek discusses the future of women in politics, specifically, the possibility of a female president. There’s also an interview with Marie Wilson, president of The White House Project, described as “a non partisan organization helping advance women’s leadership.”

Wilson was the inventor of “President Barbie”, the doll designed to teach girls that Barbie doesn’t just need to be Ken’s skanky companion. Pull the string on President Barbie and she says, “running the country is harrrrd.” Well, maybe not.

Geraldine Ferraro is often described as breaking the glass ceiling for women in politics, as she ran as Walter Mondale’s VP candidate. This actually set women back a good while. Being the first woman to run for the presidency or the vice presidency, and doing it under Mondale is like being the first female to be first-mate on an oil tanker– under Captain Hazelwood.

Just look at all the states Mondale and Ferraro took. Ouch.

So, women had Geraldine Ferraro, and perhaps their next shot at it will be with Hillary Clinton, both liberals. If Clinton goes down in flames, this will be described as “America not ready for a female leader” (read: America still sexist). This isn’t the case. It’ll simply mean that America is not up to another liberal president, period.

When the Republicans and the Democrats both put up viable women as candidates, then we’ll know if “we’re ready”.

Whoever gets elected the first female president, there’s one thing to be thankful for: **there will be one less woman driver.

(**This Bill Bennett “gee I wish I wouldn’t have put it that way” moment is brought to you by the late Jimmy the Greek)

“President Barbie”: A calmer, more reasoned politician who once a month inexplicably gets cranky and threatens to nuke innocent countries


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