Texas Minuteman border update: “Catch me if you Ken”

Here are a couple of Ken’s latest updates for your weekend enjoyment, along with an email address if anybody would like to inquire about how to the Minutemen group:

The initial ops in this area are going to cease (temporarily) over the next couple of days, and I’d like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to those Minutemen who have sacrificed a great deal to demonstrate what a small number of Americans can do.

As you are aware, Texas is a vast amount of territory, and a number of the volunteers I’ve been serving with over the past week or so are from many hundreds of miles away. They have used their own money to drive as much as (or more) 700 miles each way, pay for gasoline, pay for motel bills for as long as a 30-day stay, pay for meals, etc. I live in El Paso and can “commute”, but even that ain’t really cheap anymore.

These guys from Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Amarillo, and so on have spent an inordinate amount of money doing what our tax dollars are supposed to go toward, and yet dedicated, patriotic citizens have to dig deeper into their own pockets to
defend our sacred borders. In addition, they have spent (as I have) their own money on lighting equipment (two million to ten million candle-power spotlights), walkie-talkies, and even night vision and motion sensor devices.

When the folks from out of town have to depart, us “locals” are going to maintain a presence as best we can through Jan. and Feb. until the Texas Minutemen are once again here in April.

This is not begging, ’cause Texans don’t beg, but if any of your readers care to support us, contact sandra.beene@opennet.com.

Found out today that the Mexican drug lords have offered anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 for the killing of any Texas Minuteman with proof of his/her death. Great stuff, huh? Several members of our group were “challenged” this AM (28 Oct) by two members of the Mexican military. The Mexicans clambered down from the south levee right to the narrow (at that point) Rio Grande and attempted to entice us across. As if we’d be that stupid.

Two of our members got out of their 4X4 with their AR-15’s in their hands and the look of amazement on the opposition was priceless! They immediately started grabbing for cell phones or walkie-talkies and were talking to someone. We can only guess, but they were talking either to their military supervisor or their drug smuggling bosses, which the Mexican military is known to do.

Again, speculating, but it’d been funny if the conversation went something like, “Holy shit! These Yanqui rednecks have REAL fire-power! Tell Carlos to stay away!” We were also told, by two of El Paso’s sherrif’s deputies, who joined us for our Sloppy Joe “thank-you” (pictured below) that signs had been posted on the Mexican border-side reading “If you’re thinking of crossing here, don’t. The Texas Minutemen are waiting for you.”

They are indeed!

Here a couple of photos Ken enclosed of the folks taking a much deserved break, including one of a truck displaying the world’s greatest bumper sticker (it’s no “you can’t hug your kids with nuclear arms”, but it does the trick):


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