Super Bowl prediction

I’m not going to the Super Bowl, but I’ll be at a party about 50 miles from the action, which is close enough. Detroit is expecting 6 to 10 inches of snow overnight and I have a feeling John Madden’s bus will get stuck and cause a huge traffic jam.

ABC is running the game on a five second delay “just in case”. The only forseeable problem might be a Keith Richards “wardrobe malfunction” or if Jagger’s teeth fly out of his mouth during “Shattered”, and in the event that should happen, we’ll be thankful for the delay.

So anyway, here’s my prediction: The Steelers were trending upward at the end of the season, and that rally continued throughout the playoffs, and I get the sense that they still haven’t peaked. The Seahawks were doing well most of the year, but peaked at the end of the season and early in the playoffs and then it seemed they started to flatten out. Here’s the deal… Steelers 26, Seattle 21.

Mark it down. If I’m right, I’m a genius. If I’m wrong, I delete this post and pretend it never happened.

See you on Monday!

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Author: Doug Powers

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