Monday's column: When liberal art imitates strife

The column at WorldNetDaily today revolves around how, why and when the left shows true appreciation for the troops– in this case, by using the controversial editorial cartoon by the Washington Post’s Tom Toles about an injured soldier as a launching pad.

Everybody seems to be praising the Post for having the “guts” to run the Toles cartoon, but I’ll bet everything I’ve got that if the armless and legless person portrayed in the hospital bed were the prophet Mohammed, they’d never, ever have run it. The answer as to why is simple.

Along the way in the column, we also learn what many on the left really think of minorities, namely conservative ones.

Give a read to today’s column, “Looney ‘Toons, for more.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled post Super Bowl hangover.

Author: Doug Powers

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