“Our man on the border” on CNN tonight (now delayed until Thursday night)

Ken Muise has been working with the Texas Minuteman project on the Texas/Mexico border and been good enough to provide us with occasional updates in the past. I refer to this segment as either “Catch me if you Ken” or “From si to shining si” depending on my mood.

Anyway, I just heard from Ken, and CNN will air a segment at some point tonight featuring Ken and the border operations. The exact time is still sketchy. If they post the video later, I’ll link to it.

Note: Ken informs me that this has been delayed until probably Thursday night due to coverage of the suspected nerve agent in a Senate office building, for which Senators and staffers were temporarily quarantined. Not to worry, because the “all clear” has now been given, meaning that work as usual can continue, and Teddy won’t miss ‘last call’.

If I get more info on Ken’s appearance to narrow down that wide time period so nobody has to put up with any more CNN than absolutely necessary, I’ll post it.

Go get ’em, Ken!

Author: Doug Powers

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