Insanity or Bust: Bush Statue Further Frays Liberal Nerves

Bob Cesca, writing at the blog founded by the Gabor sister from the nether world, Arianna Huffington, points out something else to add to the pancake stack of things that bothers the left.

On Thursday, at the National Guard Memorial Building in Washington, President Bush was presented with a bust of himself. There is one interesting feature that is sure to give Democrats and Bush-haters of all shapes and sizes either hope, or the nervous trots.

Here’s the bust:

Cesca points out that, besides wondering if the Bush bust is wearing a flight suit (since he’s being honored by the National Guard, where Bush was a pilot, it’s not much of a stretch to assume that), if you take a closer look, the date of Bush’s presidency says “2001- “. The lack of an end date has some Democrats freaking out. Read the short-busload of comments to Cesca’s post. You won’t find this level of bitterness even at a divorced women’s meeting.

Some Dems are thinking that, because Bush was only “appointed” in 2001 instead of “elected”, Bush is technically only on his first term, and may try to extend what should have been the default end date of 2009.

The good news? At least Democrats are admitting they lost in 2004. Whew!

There are some, however, who are expressing rank-and-file Democrat optimism– which is as rare as humility in Bill Clinton. Some are thinking the end date could be sooner rather than later, as it is believed that impeachment proceedings are imminent.

Did it ever occur to them that maybe Bush had it done that way on purpose? Maybe Bush really loves creating an avalanche of frayed nerves among the left.

Things like– throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game while still on an extremely heightened terror alert

–Suddenly showing up at the Baghdad airport for Thanksgiving grub with military men and women

–Being a “dumb moronic idiot” who yet somehow rose to the level of President of the United States while the pathetic campus-dwelling lifers, 35 year old losers living in their parents’ basement, career whiners, and angry “passed over again for the promotion and somebody’s going to pay” cubicle detainees log on to Huffington Post message boards and call him stupid

–And, landing on an aircraft carrier and jumping out of the plane in a flight suit, all drive them crazy.

Bush landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln was a particularly defining moment in his affection for point-blank right-hooks to the jaw of liberal disdain, and continues to drive his critics bonkers. Especially those like Ted Kennedy, who are far more likely to hit the water than the deck.

Also, Bush’s headgear fit. Thanks to unfortunate precedent set by Mike Dukakis, who once looked as if somebody placed a khaki wok upside-down on the head of a mentally challenged Greek bobblehead doll, you’ll never in a million years see another Democratic candidate wearing a helmet.

So, Bush receives an honor from the National Guard (a neat trick for somebody who “never served” eh?) and liberal sphincters are all-a-pucker. All in all, not a bad close to the week.

As for Bush-hating liberals, the destination remains “Insanity or bust”. In this case, they get both.

“Suck it, hippies!”

Author: Doug Powers

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