Star Spangled Ice Cream: The Right-Wing Fires Back at Ben & Jerry's

It isn’t just the left wing that can make ice cream and come up with great names for the flavors.

Meet the “Star Spangled Ice Cream” company, which sells flavors like “Smaller Govern-Mint”, “Iraqi Road”, “Gun Nut”, “I hate the French Vanilla” and “Nutty Environmentalist”.

The company is growing, but so far isn’t big enough to be chapping the leather on Ben & Jerry’s Birkenstocks.

This from MSNBC:

“We don’t see any slowdown in growth,” said Richard Lessner, the company’s vice president, who said there was no discernible correlation between the popularity of conservative policies and the popularity of conservative ice cream.

In fact, the company, based in Alexandria, Va., is expanding from its thriving Web-only distribution into retail stores. It just recently worked out a deal to put its ice cream in several hundred 7-Elevens in the mid-Atlantic region, and it’s gotten a warm reception in Navy base exchanges, where it expects to expand its presence.

It’s a story Lessner has recounted many times by now, but he is happy to repeat it: how he and two old friends were agreeing that Ben & Jerry’s made terrific ice cream but how they couldn’t stomach its liberal politics. So they pooled some capital and started their own.

So, we have a huge company, a corporate liberal juggernaut in Ben & Jerry’s, and it’s conservative alternative in Star Spangled Ice Cream– small, fighting for its life, and struggling to compete with far less resources.

A gigantic corporate machine run by Democrats, and their tiny conservative opponent working like crazy to gain attention at the grassroots level. It would seem that the tables have turned– or maybe they haven’t.

Author: Doug Powers

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