First Photos of Bush “Meeting” With Abramoff: Get Your Magnifying Glass Ready

Hey, Democrats were right. Judging from the new photos, George W. Bush really doesn’t know Jack.

Ever since the story broke, there have been rumors that George W. Bush “met” with Jack Abramoff, the Washington D.C. lobbyist who has since been busted for crooked dealings.

Abramoff has cut a deal and has been serenading the feds with songs of lobbyist/congressional love, which caused many members of the House and Senate to spend sleepless nights with their photo albums on their lap and a document shredder at their side.

Among those rumored to have “met” with Abramoff are President Bush. Weeks ago, it was reported that photos existed of this meeting.

Finally, the first gripping pictures of Bush “meeting” with Abramoff and an explanation of the event are at Simply put, Democrats haven’t had a letdown of this magnitude since Walter Mondale said “I proudly accept your nomination to be the next President of the United States”.

Time has three pictures of what Time calls the “Bush meeting with Abramoff”. Abramoff is in only one of the three pictures, and if you look closely, I think you can also see Sasquatch, Nessie, and D.B. Cooper back there. Judge for yourself.

But wait…

Allen Roland, a radio host and psychotherapist in occasional need of his own services, links to several photos allegedly of Bush cozying up with Abramoff at the White House. Are these real photos? If so, is that Abramoff? Did Time Magazine get scooped? It isn’t possible to enlarge these pictures, so it’s hard to tell.

By the way, if you see the Bush/Abramoff photos for sale on eBay, don’t try to buy ’em–that’s a satirical article which will probably soon come to fruition in real life as Abramoff’s legal bills pile up.

Author: Doug Powers

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