Thanking A Soldier on Behalf of Aunt Meryl

“And the award for ‘least appreciative Aunt in a war picture’ goes to…”

Having told myself months ago that I wouldn’t encroach upon the frustrating subject of the Hollywood left in the foreseeable future, I nearly didn’t read this little story about Meryl Streep’s comments at some or other leftist gathering.

Overexposure to Hollywood idiocy had left me jumpier than Bin Laden after a car backfires. I’d sworn to take at least a yearlong hiatus in writing about Twizzler-brained socialist thespian dunces who have settled to the bottom of the Tinseltown bile vortex, but this time, it was too much– in a relatively subtle way.

Here’s how Streep’s comments were reported in the New York Daily News:

Meanwhile, Meryl Streep needs a dose of Prozac. “I’m so demoralized,” she told us at the Broadway opening of Sarah Jones’ brilliant “Bridge and Tunnel.”

Streep has yet to be inspired by any of the likely Democratic presidential candidates. Her requirements are simple. “I want a candidate to come out of nowhere and have no conflicts,” the Oscar winner joked. “I want major campaign reform. I want Jesus to come back and throw the money lenders out.”

Turning serious, Streep revealed she has a nephew in the military who’s bound for Iraq. “Everybody in the administration should have a kid in that conflict,” she said. “Then they’ll know how they feel about it.”

I’m sure there’s a soldier out there right now saying, “Gee, thanks Aunt Meryl!”

No “we’re proud of him” concerning her nephew, or anything even approaching that. Nope, just a chance to take a political shot. To listen to the left speak of the brave folks serving in the military, you’d be certain that there is a draft. In this case, there is– the draft caused by the breeze whipping through the holes in Hollywood heads.

Streep’s “Jesus throwing the money lenders out” (well, all of them except the ones who finance their films) comment brings to mind an interview she did with Katie Couric a year or two ago. During a portion of the interview, Streep used many of the teachings of Jesus to attempt to prove that President Bush, while professing to be a Christian, can’t possibly be one because he took America to war.

Streep said that Jesus taught us to “turn the other cheek,” and “love your enemy.”

When you listen to the Hollywood left incessently bash Bush, is the first thing you’re struck by their ability to “turn the other cheek” and “love their enemy”? Too bad Bush can’t be afforded the same polite understanding offered Al Qaeda by the Hollywood Christian.

In the Couric interview, Streep wondered aloud who Jesus would vote for, opining that she had trouble believing that He “would ever vote for a wartime president.”

It could come as bad news for Meryl that just about every president was a wartime president. There’s always some sort of strife, whether publicized or not, occurring somewhere in the world. Both Bush presidents battled Iraq, Bush 41 had Panama, Johnson and Nixon had Vietnam, under Carter, the CIA got involved in the Soviet Union-Afghanistan war and the Selective Service Act was passed. Reagan had Grenada and made some potholes in Libya – and Clinton stormed the britches of Normandy.**

(**Normandy DeCupp, cocktail waitress at a Little Rock area “Hooters”)

All along the way, there have been brave young folks like Meryl Streep’s nephew putting their lives on the line.

From the Hollywood left, we rarely see a genuine appreciation of …well, anything.

So, on behalf of Meryl Streep, to her nephew about to be serving in Iraq, I’d like to say that America appreciates your service and wishes you well!

Rest assured that the Hollywood left will someday appreciate your service– as soon as the script is completed and they can make a fortune telling the story on the big screen.

Author: Doug Powers

Doug Powers is a writer, editor and commentator covering news of the day from a conservative viewpoint with an occasional shot of irreverence and a chaser of snark. Townhall Media writer/editor. alum. Bowling novice. Long-suffering Detroit Lions fan. Contact: