Birdshot on the Wire: Cheney Does the Shooting, Media Does the Overkilling

Where were you when you heard that Dick Cheney shot Harry Whittington?

Listening to the excitement of many media reports, questions at White House press conferences, and interviewees, this could end up being one of those “where were you when” moments.

Yes, a man took fire, but every birdshot filled cloud has a silver lining. The media is ticked. Why? Because nobody picked up a cell phone and called anyone in the media to report the incident before the gunshot echoes subsided.

The accident happened on Saturday, and wasn’t reported until Sunday. Oh the humanity!

Next up, we have all the recreations. Like the FAA investigating a plane crash, reporters and others are retracing Cheney’s steps in the woods and teaching everybody about birdshot.

For example, Dick Cheney shot his hunting partner from about 90 feet away. Have you wondered what a .28 guage birdshot blast would do to a paper target from the same distance? Me neither, but a newspaper reporter did. Here’s the video.

**Then there’s the media bias– even in my hometown. While at a store yesterday, the headline on the front page of our local paper read “Cheney shoots hunter”. That’s the negative headline of choice for this area, since I live in a place where hunting is huge. If the paper wanted to portray Cheney in a more positive light, the headline would have read, “Cheney shoots lawyer”. It’s all in the wording.

(**for the sarcastically challenged, the preceding paragragh is one of those areas where I’m kidding — please make a note of it)

Around the time of the accident, but before Whittington even had a chance to soil his legal briefs, Howard Dean was calling for Cheney’s resignation. Not for the shooting, but if he ordered Scooter Libby to leak classified information, Dean says he should go.

If Howard doesn’t crank up the fundraising, more Democrats will be not only calling for his resignation, but **arranging a hunting trip for him with Cheney.

**(see above disclaimer)

It would seem that now that Cheney has shot a major Republican donor, Democrats would want him to remain in office.

What’s next for this story? There’s probably some enterprising young reporter out there right now attempting to correllate the shooting with a drop in the amount Whittington’s campaign donations. After all, we’re always told to “follow the money”. Tomorrows headline could be:

“The Cheney shooting: Accident, or a message to GOP donors with ever-tightening fists?”

Author: Doug Powers

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