State of Mass. Orders Wal-Mart to Sell “Morning After Pill”

This must come as a relief to horny Wal-Mart greeters all across the Bay State.

Wal-Mart pharmacies in Massachusetts must carry emergency contraception pills, the state’s pharmacy board has ruled.

The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharmacy on Tuesday ruled in favor of three women who filed complaints claiming that the stores refused to fill their prescriptions.

The ruling comes decades late for the Kennedy men, but this may help others.

Back to the story:

The drug, which is commonly referred to as the “morning after pill,” or “Plan B,” must be taken 72 hours after sex to prevent pregnancy. [snip] The board wrote a letter to Wal-Mart’s lawyers informing them of their decision, and requiring the company to stock and disperse emergency contraception when presented with prescriptions.

A drug named “Plan B” was necessary because “Plan A”, which is “let’s just kiss”, usually fails miserably.

The catch is that the drug must be used within 72 hours. Ever been in line at a Wal-Mart on a busy day? I’m not sure some people will be able to make that deadline.

From left, Julie Battel, Katrina McCarty and Rebekah Gee filed complaints against the retail giant. No further details are knows about the women except that all three had sex with men in proximity to a Wal-Mart.

Author: Doug Powers

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