New column up at The American Spectator

Dick Cheney’s hunting accident and subsequent media scrutiny and speculation continues unabated on the road to Sillyville. I discuss the whos, whys, hows, wheres, whens and whats in “The Vice President’s Plame is Missing” in today’s American Spectator.

Side notes…

While over cream-cheesing a bagel this morning, I was watching Mary Matalin on NBC’s “Today” show fielding hard-hitting questions from Katie Couric about Cheney’s accident. It’s bad enough that Mary has to wake up next to a warlock every morning, but then she has to go to work and be asked how many beers the Vice President had with lunch?

“Several less than the NBC suits who decided to pay you millions of dollars a year, Katie”. Okay, Matalin didn’t say that, but a person can dream, can’t they?

Decide for yourself if Cheney’s being up front, or if there’s more to it. Here’s a full transcript of Cheney’s interview with Britt Hume on Fox News.

Author: Doug Powers

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