You're Invited: Code Pink's President's Day (Barbara) Bush-Bash

It’s something we’ve always known, but now it’s official– the mafia has more respect and decorum when it comes to “going after a family member” than America’s left wing, of which now even the fringe has grown a fringe.

The “Gold Star Families for Peace” organization, along with the Pepto-Bismol inducing “Code Pink“, are going to the church attended by George H.W. and Barbara Bush on Monday to protest. Here’s why:

Gold Star Families for Peace along with Veterans for Peace and Code Pink invite you to join us to tell Barbara Bush… WHILE YOUR SON LIED OUR KIDS DIED

Former President George Bush took a shot at protestor Cindy Sheehan on Friday while speaking to students at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.

Bush told the audience if she shows up to their church as expected she’ll have to deal with his wife Barbara. Source: KVET News, Central Texas

Is this what it’s come to? Now they’re chasing 80-year-old women around the country and trying to intimidate them with signs and slogans? Beautiful. It won’t sting Barbara Bush, though.

Barbara Bush is my kind of woman. Somebody who looks like she knows her way around a kitchen and loves her family more than anything else, but you still get the feeling that she could hold her own in a bar fight– especially one against goofball leftist Plinko chips clad in pink.

Hopefully “Bar” brings the ol’ rolling pin to church. Either that or Bush should have Cheney show up in his hunting garb. That should clear the street of debris pretty fast. “Pull!”

In a related story…

Actor Richard Dreyfuss has called for the impeachment of George W. Bush. Only if you promise not to make “Krippendorf’s Tribe II”, Dick.

Author: Doug Powers

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