Judge Rules Students Don't Have To Stand For Pledge, Not Even For The Exercise

A federal judge ruled in a Florida case that kids can’t be made to stand for the National Anthem (in California, not only can’t they be made to stand, they can’t even be lifted).

Students don’t need permission from their parents for refusing to stand, either – unless it’s to go notify their parents that they’re getting an abortion.

Here’s the crux of the court’s Pledge ruling from the A.P.:

The American Civil Liberties Union sued the state Board of Education and state Education Commissioner John Winn on behalf of a Boynton Beach High School student who said he was disciplined for not standing during the pledge last year.

Cameron Frazier, then a 17-year-old junior, was told by teacher Cynthia Alexandre that he was “so ungrateful and so un-American” after he twice refused to stand for the pledge in her classroom Nov. 8, the lawsuit said.

Why am I guessing that we’ll be reading about the ACLU bringing another lawsuit on behalf of this kid after the 2008 presidential election for being unable to negotiate a ballot?

So, in Florida, kids can’t be made to stand for the Pledge, but they can be subjected to having to sit next to somebody’s dog at a restaurant? What a world…

There goes the only exercise some of these kids were getting.


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Author: Doug Powers

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