Restaurant Policy: Order in English or "No Cheesesteak For You!"

There’s an editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer that knocks a restaurant called “Geno’s Steaks” in Philadelphia for their policy of “if you can’t order in English, you can’t order”. Those not fluent in English, including foreigners, immigrants, and Ozzie Osbourne, will never enjoy a sandwich at Geno’s.

Joseph Vento is the grandson of Italian immigrants who spoke limited English upon their arrival in America. The Inquirer finds this ironic and closes the editorial as follows:

As for that language barrier, no matter how halting a recent immigrant’s command, the usual progression is that their children will be able someday to order a Geno’s steak in fluent English.

That is, if boneheaded policies don’t drive Geno’s out of business first.

My guess is that this editorial did quite the opposite, and, due to the publicity, Mr. Vento will make mucho dinero, molto denaro, viel geld, and boku bucks as a result.

Author: Doug Powers

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