Al Zarqawi Dead, Domestic Flapdoodle Lives On

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the most wanted terrorists in Iraq, has been killed in a bombing raid. It’s reported the raid was conducted while Zarqawi slept, which by some measure is disappointing because one would like to know he saw it coming. With any luck he was up, perhaps to get a warm glass of crazy.

At any rate, even the borderline sane and rational would agree that getting rid of the man who personally beheaded many and arranged terrorist bombings and other horrors was a good thing, right?

No, there are some who think that, with each terrorist that is killed, we’re just making the problem worse. Michael Berg, whose son was beheaded by Zarqawi and his band of squawking psychopaths, thinks we accomplished nothing and that the real terrorist, and the man responsible for the death of his son, is George W. Bush.

A local morning show I’m listening to has as the guest a “psychologist” who sounds as if he’s in dire need of one himself. This guy was “analyzing” Bush, of course concluding that he’s an idiot, and when they replayed Bush’s speech this morning the psychologist offered the words as proof-positive that Bush is a short-bus president.

“He’s (Bush) unable to understand that when get rid of one, there are more to take their place because they’re engaged in a jihad.”

You could say the same for leftist psychologists.

This seems to be a common argument, and, were this “logic” applied universally, we might as well not pursue child molesters, bank robbers and homicidal maniacs because, hey, there will just be somebody else doing it anyway.

Go to certain liberal message boards, and you may even find people who don’t think an Al Zarqawi, or even an Al Qaeda, ever existed. It’s just a fabrication of BushCo so they can scare us on their road to ruling the world.

That said, congratulations to all those brave men and women who are keeping the world a cleaner place by flushing terrorist floaters down the social crapper.

There was a $25 million reward on Al Zaqawi’s head. I’d propose splitting that among all members of the military who took part in the raid. It’s the least we can do.

Update: Yahoo, linked from their main page, has a video of the most intense alarm clock Zarqawi has ever been exposed to.

This just in— A tape loop of President Bush’s reaction as he watched the bombs hit Zarqawi’s unsafe house:


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