New Column at The American Spectator: From Bennifer to Brangelina

A couple of days ago I was watching TV and there was a promo on for one of the cookie-cutter entertainment shows. In the promo, they continued the tradition of combining the first names of celebrity couples (which began when Ben Affleck was dating Jennifer Lopez, which, of course, formed “Bennifer”) and are now pitching Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as “Brangelina.”

Besides being embarrassed for Pat O’Brien for having to say that (no wonder he was drinking so much), I wondered where it’s all headed. Are we combining names to save time and print space? If so, this could catch on.

I wrote a blog post about it and then turned it into a column, which is up today at The American Spectator. Hopefully it’s a little more entertaining than I just made it sound.

Enjoy your Thursday!


Author: Doug Powers

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