Iran's World Cup Runneth Over By Protesters

Something tells me this isn’t the first time a total nut case political leader has had a team in Germany.

The Iranian soccer team, in Germany to compete in the World Cup tournament, is taking the heat for the wackiness of that country’s president:

Senior politicians, Jewish groups and a prominent German TV host will join a demonstration today in Nuremberg hours before Iran play their opening match of the tournament against Mexico in the city. They are furious that Ahmadinejad’s deputy, Mohammad Aliabadi, has been allowed into the country after the Iranian President called the Holocaust ‘a fairytale’ and called for the destruction of Israel.

Oh sure, there’s that if you want to get picky…

But it’s not all a rainy day for Iran supporters:

The demonstrations were arranged after German neo-Nazis said they intended to stage pro-Ahmadinejad welcoming parties in the three cities to show solidarity with Tehran because of its outspoken attacks on Jews and Israel.

Nazi’s? In Germany? How’d that happen?

Perhaps we should simply convince the pro-Ahmadinejad people to play the anti-Ahmadinejad people in a soccer match. We’ll all be bored to death after watching a 0 to 0 game for a few hours, and then everybody can go home exhausted from the boredom.

By the way, Iran plays Mexico today, where Vicente Fox is expected to be among the protesters chastizing Iran — not about the Holocaust comments, but for the lack of health benefits and good paying jobs the middle eastern nation is providing to Mexican citizens.

Ahmadinejad is presented with his official “Team Crazy” jersey

Update: Mexico beat Iran 3-1. I knew it would be tough for the Iranian team to win while being forced to hide weapons grade uranium in their shorts.


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