An Inconvenient Canuck: Al's Ox Gets Gore'd

Al Gore’s global warming movie, An Inconvenient Truth, is out and doing well at the theaters for a movie of it’s type (#10 right now). This means that people are taking it seriously. A lot of people took The Blair Witch Project seriously too, so this in and of itself is meaningless. This is why outside debate is held.

There is a guest column today in the Canada Free Press, written by Tom Harris, that is one of the best counterpunches of Al “run for your life!” Gore’s global warming claims that I’ve read in a good while. It’s reasonable, non-confrontational, and yet violently good.

Read it here and decide for yourself.

The global warming argument has sort of turned into an egghead version of the old “Spy vs. Spy” cartoons in MAD Magazine, except substitute scientists, or wannabe scientists/politicians, for the spies.

I’ll leave the science to the scientists, or those who fancy themselves as such, but here’s why I tend to shrug off guys like Gore. I wrote the following in a column for The American Spectator a couple of months ago, and it sums up the reason(s) for my skepticism nicely, I think:

Gore-style meteorology, specifically climatology as it concerns global warming, seems to be one of those rare sciences for which the percentage of accuracy of predictions rises as the distance from the date in question increases.

To buy into this scientific convenience takes the same blind confidence required to believe an archer who tells you he can put an arrow through a soda can at 500 yards — the same person who you’ve noticed can’t hit a bale of hay from 10 feet away.

Ask the night sweat-suffering Gore what the world will look like in 100 years if the United States doesn’t sign on to the Kyoto Protocol, and you’ll be drawn a gloomy, and very specific, picture of our final days. Then ask him what the overnight low will be in Chattanooga two weeks from Thursday, and you’ll get an unresponsive stare. At some point during the conversation, Gore will excuse himself and go burn thousands of gallons of jet fuel to fly to an emergency summit meeting on ozone depletion.

Because I’m in such a “fair and balanced” kind of mood tonight, I’ll also point to a column in the National Geographic which basically backs up Gore’s claims in An Inconvenient Truth.

Notice in that story, however, the all too immediate “given” that a planetary warming trend is caused by burning fossil fuels, and how quickly that’s glossed over. If that is not true, the whole argument falls down like Courtney Love on a spiral staircase.


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