Cynthia McKinney: “The Man” Comes In All Colors And Sexes

Georgia Representative and living proof that yes, anybody can be elected to Congress, will not face charges for hitting a police officer who tried to stop her from entering a House office building.

You or I, no matter what color you are, would of course be in the slammer. No question about it.

We don’t need to hear anymore of Cynthia “Tupac“ McKinney’s “fighting for the little guy” or “champion of minority causes” bile. The lack of a charge is pathetic for two reasons: some gutless wonders are trying to sweep this under the rug until it disappears, and McKinney still doesn’t believe she did anything wrong. And why should she?

For a long, long time, we’ve heard about “The Man.” Who is “The Man”?

“The Man” is somebody who controls the way you live, but doesn’t live under the same rules. “The Man” can get away with almost anything without even the slightest repercussion. “The Man” is deceptive and keeps people under their thumb in a variety of cunning ways.

It’s always assumed that “The Man” is white. Think again.

Cynthia McKinney bases her entire political life on her ability to fight “The Man.” As it turns out, if Cynthia McKinney did indeed enjoy pummeling “The Man,” it would be a sure sign of a penchant for self masochism.

Cynthia McKinney is “The Man.”

I’m as white as a marshmallow (held over the campfire for 1.5 seconds), so I can’t get too far into this without running out of surface credibility, but if minority Georgia voters are really interested in taking the government back and fighting “The Man,” an umbrella under which Cynthia McKinney shades herself from the light that is allowed to burn the rest of us, they’ll consider voting for McKinney’s opponent, Catherine Davis, a black Republican.

Come on, Georgia. Get back at “The Man” by tossing Cynthia McKinney out on her cop slappin’, skatin’ away from responsibility lovin’, horrible hair havin’ butt.


Here’s a brief exchange with Sean in MND comments:

Sean said,

The banged up cop in this instance is suing McKinney. Certainly he’s been unable to get that horrible day, when he was pummeled by history’s greatest monster, out of his litigious head. I know that you’ll be pulling for him and his lawyer to get what’s coming to them.

The cop is suing now? Good. See, this is what happens in the real world, the one that Congress creates for the rest of us but gets to skip over themselves all too often.

However, he’ll lose (or settle), and her lawyers are probably digging up crap on him as we speak. If it were anybody else but McKinney and a handful of others with a free pass on reality, he’d win.

Again, that’s what happens when you step in front of “the man.”

I hate a litigious society, but if Congress is going to help create one, let ‘em live in it with the rest of us.

Sean said,

Give your head a shake. He’ll lose, because he should. I hope he’s hit with the costs of wasting the court’s valuable time.

Did Patrick Kennedy “lose” when Della Patton, the LAX security guard he shoved, sued him? It’s arguable, since he settled out of court. But then, he’s a Kennedy and can afford to settle with just about everybody in the country. I don’t know if McKinney has that luxury, but my guess is this disappears via a settlement.

Again, if Congress is going to create a frivolous, litigious society, I welcome it when they have to join the rest of us in it.

Besides, I’m guessing if somebody, particularly a member of Congress, hit you, the word “frivolous” would suddenly disappear.

A goofy circus clown poses with… well, whoever that is on the left.


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Author: Doug Powers

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