Intimidating Interrogation of U.S. Military: Where's The Left's Outrage?

Seven Marines and one member of the Navy are in jail for the shooting death of an Iraqi civilian. Defense lawyers for the members of the military say that Pentagon investigators threatened them with the death penalty and used other coercive techniques to obtain statements from some of them.

From the A.P.:

Attorney Jane Siegel, who represents Marine Pfc. John Jodka, 20, said Naval Criminal Investigative Service officials spoke to her client three times after he was taken into custody May 12. Jodka was questioned for up to eight hours at a time and was not offered water or toilet breaks, Siegel said.

“They used some really heavy-handed tactics to extract the information,” Siegel said, adding that her client was not read his rights prior to questioning _ a fundamental right to which all accused troops are entitled _ and was threatened with the death penalty.

It’s too bad these members of the U.S. military aren’t terror suspects, or Dick Durbin, John Murtha, and any other number of Democrats would be screaming at the podium in outrage over the inhumane treatment and complete disregard for the civil rights of the “innocent until proven guilty” detained individuals.

If I were one of these seven U.S. military prisoners, I’d convert to Islam Tout de Suite.

The fact is that jailed members of the U.S. military could be beaten, given wedgies by a power-lifter, threatened with sex by Helen Thomas, have their bible flushed down a toilet, their puppy kicked, and be waterboarded until they start to grow gills, and Bush hating Democrats would have nothing to say about it. Why? The answer is obvious, but draw your own conclusions if you like.

Until recently, these men were being held in shackles. I’m not one to listen to defense lawyers much, but an attorney for one of the men said that “Saddam Hussein has a better circumstance than these guys.”

I don’t doubt it. I bet you can’t even get Doritos-on-demand in the Camp Pendleton brig, but Saddam can where he’s being held.


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Author: Doug Powers

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