Democrats Launch Magazine, Mortals Pray There’s No Swimsuit Issue

Some young Democrats are getting tired of seeing their party’s subsidy seeking, federalization loving, public teet sucking lips flapping about ideas that haven’t changed since The New Deal, so they are putting together a magazine that will no doubt attempt to create new names for the same principles:

Kenneth Baer and Andrei Cherny, both speechwriters and authors who have worked within the New Democrat movement, will launch Democracy: A Journal of Ideas today at the National Press Club. They will appear on a panel with Weekly Standard Editor William Kristol, American Prospect Editor Michael Tomasky and Francis Fukuyama of The American Interest.“We think that the party is rich in tactics and poor in ideas,” said Baer, who worked as a speechwriter for former Vice President Al Gore. “What we really need for long-term success is deep, serious thinking about how we’re going to apply long-held progressive values to new challenges.”

Apply long-held progressive values to new challenges? Well, Al Gore, Baer’s former boss, has already done that, so the kid’s learning. Gore’s application of a “progressive value” was called “creating an impending weather catastrophe.” You get to call for a raise in taxes to protect against the coming disaster, attempt to completely regulate the auto industry, oil industry, factories, and many others — the possibilities are endless. Plus you get to pretend to be a weatherman and climatologist. How cool is that?

Poke around the first issue a bit and you’ll find some reverence for conservative publications, such as William F. Buckley’s National Review, that Baer and Cherny hope to emulate.

Hey, here’s something that could be fun and help their magazine catch on with college students everywhere — a core demographic of any Democrat push. It’s called “The Journal of Ideas Game.” Read the magazine, and every time you see the word “progressive,” do a shot. I had a healthy glow before I got off the homepage.

I’ve always loved the term “progressive.” It sounds fantastically elite. I don’t mind progressiveness really, with certain conditions. For example, there have been a lot of “progressive” drivers on the highways whose cars are now wrapped around bridge abutments. In other words, anybody should feel free to be progressive, just not while we’re all in the car.

A “progressive” magazine? No problem. “Progressive” public policy? Fasten your seat belt.

I just pray to God that the Democrats magazine doesn’t have a swimsuit issue.


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Author: Doug Powers

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