Mentally Il: North Korea About To Go Ballistic?

According the The New York Times via U.S. intelligence, North Korea is fueling a long range ballistic missile for a test:

A senior American official said that intelligence from satellite photographs suggested that booster rockets had been loaded onto a launching pad, and liquid-fuel tanks fitted to a missile at a site on North Korea’s remote east coast.

While there have been steady reports in recent days about preparations for a test, fueling is regarded as a critical step as well as a probable bellwether of North Korea’s intentions. Siphoning the liquid fuel out of a missile is a complex undertaking.

What do we do about N. Korea possessing missiles that may be able to reach the U.S.? Well, if you’re a Democrat politician, you blame Bush; If you’re a Republican, you blame the Clinton administration; and if you’re Joe Sixpack you hope that people stop pointing the finger at each other and start looking at what exactly to do with the crazed N. Korean leader that Dennis Miller calls “Chia Dictator.”

Condi Rice talked to her Japanese and Chinese counterparts over the weekend, hopefully to hammer out final plans for a joint smackdown of this guy.

By the way, did you know that Kim Jong Il is the only world leader who is actually smaller than his action figure?

North Korean leader Kim Jung Il prepares for that nation’s precedent-setting missile test.


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