"Human Rights Activists, Yellow Courtesy Phone"

For the last few years, we’ve heard from them. They’ve hollered, stomped their feet and suffered spasms of epic proportions. “They” are the self-annointed human rights champions. You know who they are. They are Michael Moore, Dick Durbin, “Human Rights Watch,” and many, many others.

You saw them freaking after Abu-Ghraib and the treatment of prisoners at the Iraqi prison, you see them suffering fits over prisoners at Gitmo who were being held without due process or access to a lawyer. They got livid that detainees were perhaps even subjected to hearing about repeated lies in Newsweek about how their Korans were being flushed down the toilet. You see them get apoplectic over the horrors committed by U.S. troops at Haditha before all the facts are in. The list goes on.

Just recently, in Iraq, two American soldiers were abducted and tortured and killed. I’ve heard none of the aforementioned “human rights” activists or their buddies — none — denounce the treatment dished out by terrorists.

The “why not” of it all is simple: Leftist “human rights watchers” don’t consider U.S. soldiers to be humans, therefore they have no rights.

“Human rights activists” are also scared — scared of the terrorists, scared of the truth, and scared that speaking out on behalf of the human rights of U.S. and coalition troops might work counter to their efforts to make Bush look as evil as possible. When you’re trying to make somebody out to be Satan, it hurts your effort if you point out somebody who is, as Bush may say, “Sataner” than the person you’re portraying as the ultimate demon.

Sure, “human rights activists” often say they “support the troops,” but with friends like these, the troops don’t need terrorist enemies.


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Author: Doug Powers

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