Only You Can Make The “Department of Peace” A Reality

Okay, I admit it, when I wrote my WorldNetDaily column which ran on Monday regarding pacifism and the upcoming “World Peace Forum” in Vancouver, I had no idea there was an active campaign in the United States to create a “Department of Peace” in the U.S. Cabinet.

This appears to be a serious undertaking. Live and learn.

Today I got several emails from apparent members of “The Peace Alliance” who hope to create a “Department of Peace” and are pushing to introduce legislation to do just that.

The people who wrote, and continue to write, are nice folks, which was frankly disappointing from an ironic humor perspective. Nothing is funnier than getting a violent, vitriolic letter from a peace activist, but that wasn’t the case this time.

Sure, I felt as if I’d taken an acid trip to the land of “The Stepford Peaceniks,” but you be the judge. Here are some examples of emails I’ve gotten in the last few hours:

Marni G. from Manaasset, NY:

Dear Mr. Powers:

We all know that violence begets violence; we bomb IRAQ, kill more human beings, and create future generations of people who hate Americans.  Having said this, the legislation calling for a U.S. Department of Peace is a common sense approach to handling conflict in the world and in this country.  The legislation does not expect us to be blind, vulnerable and weak; in fact it proposes to work as a sister organization with the Department of Defense, training our military personnel on how to minimize the loss of lives (including their own) and to strengthen our relationships with countries that we are “occupying”.  This will in effect decrease future wars which if not curtailed will ultimately mean the complete annihilation of our planet. 

Please reconsider your statements and realize that pacifists are not all wishy washy wacks!

Julianne from Moab, Utah (a pacifist from a town sharing an acronym with the “Mother Of All Bombs“?) write:

Our country claims ‘Global Leadership’ on many fronts – I would assert that we do, in fact, lead the industrialized world in violence statistics.  If you do the math, you’ll easily discover that the economic effect of violence in our country is devastating.  With the cost of incarceration of juvenile offenders reaching the high 5 figures, looking for future alternatives to this ineffective system seems to be a no-brainer.  Not to mention the billions spent on gang violence issues, domestic violence issues and the like.  While also dealing with International issues, the Department of Peace would have a focus on stemming the tide of violence on our own soil.  I am a mother and grandmother.  I truly believe that we live in perilous times and we Must turn the tide away from violence towards Peace.  Do we have a choice? 

Carol L. from parts unknown says:

I read your article in regard to the Department of Peace and was saddened by your narrow view regarding this proposed legislation.On a broader note, the Dept of Peace would assist in decreasing $$$ spent on impisonment, establish a dialogue on domestc violence and address other areas of violence on the home front in addition to establishing a dialogue for conflict resolution that may or may not include weapons.The world is broken and using more and more weapons really doesn’t seem to be working.  How about giving peace a chance?

Jim A. from Biloxi, MS opined:

I strongly disagree with you. Question: If you had a choice War or Peace.  I know your answer would be peace. We members of The Department of Peace also have a choice, which is the same as yours  Peace.
The D.O.P. is not advocating a weak military force, on the contrary it should be a strong determent.

I thought better of listing all the wonderful things the D.O.P.has on it’s agenda. Which makes me wonder if you have done your due diligence?  You have asked your readers not to be weak and buy into the U.S. Department of Peace.
What do you think of giving your readers a chance to make up their own minds?  This would be interesting don’t you think?
So there, I promised these folks I’d share with you the movement to create a “Department of Peace,” so here ya go.

Who’s going to be secretary of this particular department, anyway? I hear Phil Donohue’s got some free time. (Here’s what would happen if Phil Donohue replaced Rumsfeld)


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