Sex-Selection Abortions Remain Legal in China: Feminist Nightmare, or Pro-Choice Nirvana?

Last year, Hillary Clinton went on a crusade against China’s forced abortion policies. We all know that Hillary is “pro choice” as well as being viewed by her followers as a feminist, but with her finger-pointing at China, she was clearly trying to soften her image and move closer to the center as a presidential race heats up.

Hillary put away the activist “If abortions are outlawed, only outlaws will be allowed to screw around with my husband” T-shirt and, during her chastising of China, and called abortion “tragic,” which ruffled the feathers of many of her pro-abortion allies on the left.

When President Bush went to China last year, Hillary wanted him to address that nation’s forced abortion policy. This week China decided not to criminalize abortions used for purposes of sex-selection. In a country where you’re highly encouraged (by the iron boot over your head) to have only one child, males are at a premium. “Sex selection” abortions should rattle feminists, since it’s safe to assume the majority of the aborted in China are female. But will this rattle feminists? Here was the Chinese lawmakers reasoning:

Abortions based on gender selection will remain legal in China after lawmakers could not agree on a planned law to criminalise the practice, state press reported on Monday.

China doesn’t do it like the United States Government does it. If the U.S. government can’t agree on a law, they don’t scrap the plan, they just pass a whole bunch of laws to make everybody happy.

Let’s get back to Hillary Clinton’s take on Chinese abortion for a moment, because we’ll be hearing more about it as primary season grows nearer. Notice that Hillary will continue to focus on abortions in another country instead of here, but that’s to be expected.

If abortion is a “right,” shouldn’t Hillary be thrilled rather than angered that a totalitarian nation is finally engaging in the promotion – albeit rather aggressively – of a “right”? She wouldn’t get her pantsuit in a twist if China’s government demanded that all citizens engage in freedom of speech, worship or assembly, would she? After all, those are all “rights” as well.

The fact is – abortion isn’t a “right.” You can’t legalize any form of murder under the guise of it being a “right” and then act shocked when it’s used as a control tool by any government. True “rights” are things that give government officials the night sweats, rightly so. If abortion is a “right,” then it’s the first right I’ve ever heard of that a government forced people to exercise.

Besides, if abortions – as it is so often claimed – don’t really take lives, then why is China’s policy wrong, Hillary? Of course, you’d also have to ask yourself: If abortion isn’t killing, how does it seem to do such a bang-up job of population control? 

Hillary Clinton obviously believes that rights come from government – just like the Chinese government does. The problem is that any government that is empowered to proclaim abortion as a “right” could easily justify anything for any purpose. When killing is a “right,” what could possibly be wrong, and that’s a path down which many nations in history have traveled and not returned.

The belief that abortion is a “right” can only lead to the inability to differentiate between such things as the students who protested at Tiananmen Square, and the government’s massacre of them.

A baby killed by an abortion is a baby killed by an abortion – if by whose decree is the only deciding factor between if it’s right or wrong, we’re in trouble — be it in China, the U.S., or anyplace else.

Remember that as Hillary gears up the empty rhetoric in the coming months.


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Author: Doug Powers

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