Theme Park Cancels "Muslim Fun Day"

You may need to change your plans, because Britian’s biggest theme park, Alton Towers, had scheduled a “Muslim fun day,” but it’s been canceled by the group that made the booking. Why? Lack of interest, according to the park. Sadly, the “Jihadists of the Caribbean” ride will go unused for yet another year.

Alton Towers in central England was to open on September 17 for Muslims — with halal food, a strict dress code and prayer areas.

Music, gambling and alcohol were to be banned for the day and theme park rides such as “Ripsaw,” “Corkscrew” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” all segregated by sex.

But the park said the event’s organizers, Islamic Leisure, who rented the park for the day and were marketing the event, had called it off due to “insufficient ticket sales.”

According to the story, organizers had hoped to fill a niche for Britian’s 1.7 million Muslims. As it turns out, Muslims didn’t want that niche filled.

The group that booked “Muslim Fun Day” was an organization called “Islamic Leisure,” whose website hasn’t yet been changed to reflect the cancellation.

Here’s a banner from the “Muslim Fun Day” promotion:

Wow, just look at all those Muslims having such a good time!

At least a non-Muslim couple who had previously planned a wedding at a park hotel won’t have to cover up now, thanks to the cancellation. A couple was told they’d need to wear traditional Muslim dress if they were to be married there during “Muslim Fun Day.”

If there’s ever a “Christian Fun Day,” will any Muslims who happen to go there be told they can’t wear hijabs? Just wondering.


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Author: Doug Powers

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