Juror’s Discharge Leads to Discharge Followed By Criminal Charge

From the “great ways to get out of jury duty”  and the “stroke of luck” departments comes this…

rom the NY Daily News:

A grand juror was charged yesterday with fondling himself in Brooklyn Federal Court’s jury assembly room, authorities said.

Edwin Ng was caught in the lewd act by a courthouse employee stocking a vending machine, authorities said. She alerted U.S. marshals, who immediately busted Ng. The juror was on a break at the time.

Ng, 38, of Brooklyn, who is unemployed, was issued summonses for disorderly conduct, public lewdness and destruction of government property – the room’s green carpet. He was discharged from jury duty.

The city is taking this quite seriously. I hear they’ve even called in the elite “BCRSRCT” (Bill Clinton Rapid Semen Response Cleanup Team) to get rid of the mess quietly and quickly before anyone notices.

Author: Doug Powers

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