Roto-Reuters: News Service Flushed Out for Faked Pic

How bad are things in Beirut? We may or may not actually know, as it’s too hard to see behind all that computer-enhanced smoke.

The Reuters news service has admitted to altering a photo to make smoke look more ominous.

Just “another day at the Photoshop office” for the Reuters people? What’s the big deal, it’s just a little smoke? Maybe, after all, this happens so much that it almost isn’t news, but get this – The American Thinker blog points out this interesting tidbit:

The question arises, who exactly produced this fake photo? One Adnan Hajj received the initial photo credit. And guess what? The same man was one of the photographers at Qana!

Jawa Report has much more, as does Michelle Malkin. JR is showing other suspicious photos that come from Hajj or someone with a remarkably similar name.

You’ll recall that Qana was the place where an Israeli rocket is alleged to have killed dozens of Lebanese woman and children, but news continues to flow in, and what we were told as truth just might not be the entire story.

Here’s the Reuters order to pull Hajj’s photo:

For God’s sake, Dan Rather could have created a more convincing phony photo. Here’s one hint that it’s a fake: when the pixels are bigger than the buildings, that’s the first clue.

Charles Johnson (who not-so-ironically once received a death threat sent from a Reuters IP address) at his Little Green Footballs blog has much more on the picture, including cloned buildings and whatnot.

So, does the media routinely alter photos? Yes or no?

The eyes have it!

The mainstream media seems to forget that if you’re trying to fake an orgasm, you can make it as convincing as humanly possible, but if you yell out the name of the wrong person, it’s a dead giveaway no matter how loud and distracting the rest of it was.

Much of the media yells out the wrong name in the heat of reporting passion on a regular basis. It’s a fake orgasm with a deeper agenda than just getting some fat guy off them.

And the beat goes on…


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