Monday's Column: "The Right Stuff" Going in the Wrong Direction

Today’s column over at WorldNetDaily is a bit of a departure from day-to-day politics and current events bickering.

John Glenn was in a car accident late Friday. This is completely unrelated to anything, other than it got me to thinking about the early days of the space program and the men who made that happen. These are people who have since died or are aging, and it doesn’t seem that these heroes are being replaced. Not to sound like Andy Rooney, but “why is that?”

I consider the question in “‘The Right Stuff’ nearly extinct.”

Reaching into the email-bag:

A couple of early letters…

Kevin in Ohio writes:

I enjoyed your article about Space hero’s, and agree that those types of iconic hero’s are definitly victims of our PC culture….However, I’m not totally conviced that many of our young people have no hero’s. They just have to look a little harder….
Kevin went on with a specific example, but I wanted to point out that I didn’t write that our kids have no heroes to look up to. However, concerning the space program, ask a kid to name an astronaut from the past 30 years and I’m 98% sure you’ll get a blank stare.

Paul from parts unknown says:

I was working night shift at a university hospital when Armstrong set
foot on the moon. A Thai nurse lugged a heavy black and white TV to
work. We watched in fixed awe as the grainy image of Armstrong’s boot
touched the moon’s surface. I doubt anything of that magnitude will ever
happen again.

Poor Paul… I don’t want to burst the bubble by telling him the moon landing was faked, so I won’t.

For good fake moon landing stuff, also try here and here.

For some really good proof that the moon landing was faked, try clicking here.

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