Primary Update: Democrats Now Disenfranchising Themselves

Lots at stake for some Democrats today. Cynthia McKinney is this close to pimp-slappin’ somebody in anger once again, because she’s facing a tight challenge from an opponent who can’t possibly be as crazy as Cynthia. Not only that, but she’s frustrated. Which leads us to…

Dem-on-Dem Disenfranchisement #1: Already today, McKinney’s people are saying her name is not on all the ballots but her oppenent’s name is.

The big race in Connecticut pits Joe Lieberman, who voted for the Iraq war and actually admits it, against… some cable guy (not Larry) who’s against the war. This primary race is said (I think falsely) to be the election to watch as it will show how a pro or anti Iraq war stance will harm Democrat candidates in subsequent elections around the country.

Lieberman is being accused of cozying up to Bush and the Republicans too much. Which leads us to…

Dem-on-Dem disenfranchisement #2: Lieberman says his opponents campaign hacked into his website, interrupting the Joe-mentum for a short time.

I just knew if we waited long enough, Democrats would start disenfranchising each other.

Fear not, though, for Lamont supporters Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, and more, are coming in to make sure everything’s fair. Whew! Hold on, Cynthia! Help will be on the way as soon as Waters can catch a broom out of Bradley International.

Author: Doug Powers

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