Show Me Your Bias! — "Press Gone Wild" Does Beirut and Beyond

This morning I was reading a piece by Claire Hoffman in the Los Angeles Times about Joe Francis, the producer of the “Girls Gone Wild” videos and current occupant of the scummy throne as the King of Soft Porn.

For some reason while wading into the story, into my head popped not visions of young drunk girls baring what God, and, on some occasions, an LA plastic surgeon and/or daddy’s trust fund, gave them — but rather I got the picture of any number of members of the mainstream press, who have been baring their bias while yelling “WHOOO!” as of late with reckless abandon.

The producers of the “Press Gone Wild” shows haven’t been Joe Francis, but rather bloggers around the world, much to the chagrin of the press, I might add.

For an incredible and ongoing string of hot, wet “Press Gone Wild” action, go to

“Show me your bias! — Whoooo!”

Drunk-with-power reporters and photographers have been showing their bias for a long time. It’s just now that they’re getting the credit they deserve. Consider Adnan Hajj, the former Reuters photographer who recently was caught by a blogger in the act of showing his nice rack — of fake and/or enhanced pictures — to the entire world.

Here are plenty of other famous “show me your bias” moments in the history of “Press Gone Wild.”

But “Press Gone Wild” isn’t confined to just pictures, no sir. There are also countless of occasions when the mainstream media has responded to calls to “show me your bias” by creating phony documents, reporting on flushed Korans at Gitmo, or even saying that Hillary Clinton and John McCain engaged in a drinking contest, which McCain says never happened. “Don’t believe everything you read in the New York Times” said the Arizona Senator.

“Whooo! Yeah! Show me your bias!”

Sometimes they say it’s not bias, but just shoddy reporting. Sure, and for Joe Francis’s girls, it wasn’t the martinis, but the olive that made ’em do it.

Of course, some of the slip-ups are alleged to have been “accidents” and “honest mistakes,” but that’s what they all tell their parents while sitting on the couch while being caught baring all on television or the internet, creating a tremendous sense of embarrassment for their friends and family. The same thing happens to the chicks in “Girls Gone Wild” videos as well.

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“Whoooo! Yeah! … courage…”


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