Louis the Goat Named New King of Ireland

It’s always refreshing to be reminded that my people still aren’t on the wagon:

From Reuters (this whole thing could be BS, come to think of it):

A goat named Louis was crowned King of Ireland on Thursday in one of the country’s oldest festivals.

Each year a wild male mountain goat is caught in the foothills of Carrauntoohill, Ireland’s highest mountain, and paraded through the country town of Killorglin as part of the Puck Fair — an annual festival of music, drinking and dancing.

The goat then reigns for three days from a platform 15 metres (50 ft) above the town’s streets.

The U.S. should adopt this same system for American political service, but we won’t, because it’s a little too dignified.

Ireland’s King Louis, above, takes a break during a goodwill tour of Texas

Author: Doug Powers

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