Mackinac Bridge Plot a Bigger Deal Than We Might Think

This morning I was talking to a friend about the arrests of the people who were in possession of more cell phones than a pack of teenage girls. The men were thought to have been targeting the Mackinac Bridge, which is about a three hours drive north of where I’m sitting.

The bridge is heavily travelled, especially in the spring and summer months, but the person I was talking to said, “what would they hope to accomplish, other than to ensure that a bunch of us can’t get to and from our fishing holes?”

But a well-timed attack could do more than just get traffic stuck in the upper and lower peninsulas, unable to cross. Each Labor Day, around 60,000 people walk across the bridge. A properly timed explosion could make it a horrific attack that would do more than fling only a few dozen cars hundreds of feet into the water.

By the way, everybody assumes that a bridge attack would be an explosion(s). When you have tens of thousands of people bottlenecked on a 5-mile stretch of bridge, you can probably imagine any number of scenarios.

In addition, if the bridge is ever shut down, financially, tourism in the U.P. is a billion dollar industry.

So, yes, this is all something to take seriously — like everything else involving terrorist plots.

Comic Relief Side note:

This is hilarious. It’s the “Flat Fatima: A revolution in news photography!”

Author: Doug Powers

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