Couric: Viewers Want Hour-long Newscast — Bloggers: Then We Want Overtime Pay

Katie Couric begins as CBS News anchor on September 5th, and she’s already completed the process of pretending to want to run a newscast by agenda-driven committee. Isn’t that what got them into trouble in the first place?

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

During nearly every stop of her six-city “listening tour” this summer, Katie Couric said viewers told her they wanted the network evening news to be an hour instead of just 30 minutes.

You’d think viewers might want it to be true and unbiased as well, but apparently we’re still more concerned with length instead of girth. Baby steps.

Actually, I’d suggest the following format, should CBS heed the advice of Couric and any viewer who actually cared enough to show up to the gimmicky “listening tour”:

1st half-hour: Couric delivers CBS Evening News

2nd half-Hour: Blogger rebuttal, sponsored by the Video Professor’s new “how to spot a Photoshop” DVD.

If CBS really cared about the truth, they would have started their anchor interview process by talking to bloggers, those “guys sitting in their living rooms in their pajamas writing.”

The “CBS Evening Blog” could have been a huge, cutting edge hit.

Of all the stories of late, where have the real “scoops” come from? Yep, from bloggers. Who were they scooping? Network news, magazines, and mainstream newspapers. What were they scooping? Lies, bias, and misinformation in network news, magazines, and mainstream newspapers. For any network willing to take the risk, the rewards would be great.

“The CBS Evening Blog” could be an enlightening venture into the future of news dissemination, but the network will hold firm and insist on a person who will secure the line that keeps the Big Media ship firmly in place, not drifting with the current of the times, as ratings continue to sink.

History will show this is why they were called “anchors.”


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Author: Doug Powers

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