Joe Biden: "Useless Idiot" Invades Iowa, WalMart

One of the more embraced phrases these days is “useful idiot.” It is used to describe a moron and/or misguided wingnut who helps confirm the position of their opponent via actions and words that work counter to common sense and make the argument of the other side seem more logical.

Delaware Senator Joe Biden is… not one of those people. Biden, you see, is simply a “useless idiot,” which is made less redundant when boiled down to simply “idiot,” which can be further reduced to “liberal politician.”

It would appear, as per unwritten law, that this particular useless idiot is going to run for president. Biden officially announced his intentions to be a future ex-presidential candidate back in March. By the way, if you want the world to know that you want the country run by somebody who’s ready, willing and able to demagogue economics or just about anything else to sell out common sense, and even your job, for political power, you can order your “Biden ‘08″ gear here.

Is Biden simply doing what many politicians do, which is saying what he thinks people want to hear despite knowing he’s full of B.S., or is he, in reality, quite stupid? It’s a toss-up at this point.

Biden is now leading a short-bus bandwagon railing against — you guessed it — WalMart. Specifically, WalMart stores in Iowa, site of the nation’s first caucus, where Republicans and Democrats alike will soon converge to brag about who’s the most adept at third-party transfers of wealth and outright theft.

I’ll bet Biden an Indian-run Delaware donut shop that, in coming elections, screwing WalMart is going to be the Democrats version of Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America,” except item #1 on this contract seems to be a promise to lose jobs instead of gain them.

Biden headlined a conference called “Wake Up WalMart,” to speak of the low wages, lack of healthcare, yada yada yada, of WalMart, the Lex Luthor to the Democrats Stupor-man.

Notice that the solution for those opposed to WalMart, McDonalds, or what have you, is to never, ever raise their own capital to start their own competing business, winning over their customers and thereby putting these evil corporations away for good. Why? They won’t, and they can’t.

Want McDonalds to sell veggie burgers? Open your own damn restaurant and sell them yourself. WalMart doesn’t pay well enough? Start your own damn store and pay somebody a half mil a year to corral carts. This never happens, because they know they’d go down faster than Paris Hilton in the New York Giants locker room.

Liberals like Biden are only capable of taking, taking, taking. It’s all they know and all they teach. Creating and sustaining is up to somebody else — and both of those things must be done while the Joe Biden’s of the world are latched on like lamprey on a shark.

This may or may not be fair comment, but Biden reminds me of someone who was in his late teens before he discovered that Omaha Beach wasn’t in Nebraska. Biden is politics’ answer to Anna Nicole Smith, minus the Vicodin and plus a worse understanding or caring of economic principles, and he goes a long way in explaining why the United States is struggling to compete in many areas.

That or he knows better and is just being, well, a liberal politician. Either way it culminates in one thing: Useless idiot.

Not long ago, Biden said that he’d “rather be home making love to my wife” than on a campaign trail. Hey, I don’t like to think about it, but it’s a start. By the way, Bill Clinton agreed. Bubba would rather be making love to Biden’s wife than campaigning too.

Sometimes we as “regular people” may feel insignificant because it’s tough to fight back against such a misguided political machine, but there are small ways to battle them. For example, I’m going shopping at WalMart today in honor of Joe Biden.

Biden, Kerry, Dodd, Obama and Nelson were once just a Kennedy away from setting the “most whiffle-headed liberals in one picture” record, which is currently held by a group photo taken at a CNN company picnic.


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Author: Doug Powers

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