CBS Has The Photoshop Software Warming Up in the Bullpen, Just in Case

Isn’t the mainstream media getting into enough trouble because of Photoshop? Now CBS is using it to make Katie Couric look slimmer.

Word is that they’re just testing it so they can once and for all create some not only convincing but trimmer phony National Guard documents.

I’m in Manhattan right now, and I can safely say that Couric’s mug is on every damn bus in this place. I saw some guy almost get run over by perky not more than an hour ago. Oh, speaking of fumes, Katie hits the air as CBS News anchor next week, and has scored a coup: and interview with President Bush.

Hmm, CBS tinkering with Photoshop and then Katie scores an interview with the Prez? Something’s in the works.

Author: Doug Powers

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