CNN's Whiz Kids Strike Again

Remember the scene in one of the “Naked Gun” movies where Frank Drebin gives a speech and then goes to the bathroom, forgets to turn off his wireless microphone, and an ensuing audio nightmare is broadcast to a roomful of nauseated people? Well, CNN now owes the Zucker brothers some money for copyright infringement.

It was only late last year when CNN aired an “X” over Dick Cheney very briefly during a speech, for which they later apologized and called a “glitch”:

Well, something’s starting to smell here, because there’s been another glitch that’s made a splash in the news. During President Bush’s speech in New Orleans on the anniversary of hurricane Katrina, the reporter covering it decided to go to the bathroom, but she left her wireless mic on.

Here’s the video.

What viewers heard was President Bush in the audio background, while the reporter in the bathroom chatted with another woman, interspersed with the unmistakable sound of an ascending/descending zipper, overlapping Bush’s words. Had this been Bill Clinton, we still wouldn’t have been sure if the zipper sound came from the reporter or the president.

The reporter, Kyra Phillips, has a more immediate problem. While on the john she called her brother’s wife a “control freak.” I don’t want to be at that Thanksgiving table this year.

Fortunately for Phillips and her network, she wasn’t full of gas that day — rare indeed for a CNN reporter.


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Author: Doug Powers

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