Bush Assassination Film To Be Screened, Leftist Monkey-Spanking Imminent

So frustrated has the global left become with the inability of the American left to bring down President Bush via impeachment or some other method that they’ve started fantasizing about his assassination via film.

A British mock-documentary directed by Gabriel Range, called “Death of a President,” is being unveiled at the Toronto International Film Festival. The TIFF runs from September 7th to the 16th. The movie is about what happens in the wake of a hypothetical assassination of President Bush in October of 2007. The movie will also air on British cable television.

In the movie, an assassination is staged using Bush’s actual face digitally added to an actor in the scene:

Boy, so much for the Brady Bill, eh?

The above scene is known in viciously anti-W circles, and perhaps even among peace prize winners, as “the money shot.”

Here’s a basic rundown of the “Death of a President” script.

The arts crowd has always fascinated me when it comes to this sort of subject matter. They can play around in their worlds of fantasy with the deaths of others under the umbrella of “artistic freedom.” If you question them or their motives, you’re called anti-free speech and anti-freedom in general.

But, if you exercised your right of free speech and freedom by, say, making a movie about some day in the near future when left-wing nut-case movie directors are all assassinated, you’d be in for a world of verbal hurt. You’d be accused of inciting and encouraging violence and bashed by the arts community as full of hate, which would culminate in a public shunning by the Directors Guild of America just before you were dragged kicking and screaming for a town square wedgie by the Directors Guild of Great Britain.

I don’t know though, perhaps a movie like this isn’t so bad in the big picture. After all, when you think about it, kids who are caught up playing violent video games are too busy slapping joysticks in their basements to go out and consider carrying out some of those acts in the real world. The problem is, eventually they’re done playing and sometimes introduce that aggression into society.

The good news in the film for the political right? At no point in this fantastical trip into the near-future does Hillary become president.

The bad news in the film for the political left? Loathers of the Bush administration are bound to lose their visible state of arousal during the film, because in the year 2010, three years after they hypothetical assassination of President Bush, Dick Cheney is still president, and will no doubt be out for hypothetical revenge. Some “hunting accidents” will definitely be in order… hypothetically, of course.

Sorry, Mr. Range, but Jodie Foster remains unimpressed.


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Author: Doug Powers

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