In G… — er — Atheists, We Trust

This Newsweek article is a long dissertation on Atheism and Atheists, and why those of us who believe in God are blindly buying into a mass superstition or are idiotic foolish participants in Pascal’s Wager. After all is said and done, my only question to the “scholors” featured in the story is, “Okay then, what do Atheists yell out when they have an orgasm?” I certainly hope it’s not “Oh Michael Newdow!”

Concerning the God question, here’s one of my favorite stories. Bill Buckley once wrote about an elderly scientist, who was a believer, being questioned by a young skeptic. “How can you believe in God?”

The scientist answered, “I find it more reasonable to believe in God, than to believe that Hamlet was deduced from the molecular structure of a mutton chop.”

Author: Doug Powers

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