Fox News Reporter Beaten, But Not In The Ratings

I’ve written much lately how the news via the mainstream media has become all about who delivers it and not the story itself. Reporters switch networks; film at eleven. Reporters retire; watch the retrospective of his/her career tonight at nine. Heck, reporters are even kidnapped — “tonight’s lead story…”

Last night, while watching Fox News, that belief was validated once again.

The lead story, which has since hit websites and other television media, was “shocking” footage of a San Diego Fox News investigative reporter, John “the piñata” Mattes, getting the fair and balanced kicked out of him by somebody who was obviously trying to remain under the radar.

Here’s a video of the attack. Sure you’ll have to suffer through a short “1-800-DENTIST” ad at the beginning, but it’s only appropriate as the reporter may require those services.

There’s a lot of discussion about the incident, but here’s something I’m not hearing. Notice how the reporter is getting the red-headed-step-child treatment while the person manning the camera never stops taping long enough to help him.

Yes, media is a tough business, and a place where one often painfully learns the difference between “friend” and “colleague.” A “friend” helps you in a fight — a “colleague” videotapes it.

That said, only a “colleague” can get you valuable national TV exposure.

Here’s the reporter post-whuppin:

Oh stop whining, Nancy-boy, you’re still not as bad off as poor Geraldo (unauthorized bio here):


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Author: Doug Powers

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