“Is that a bolt floating by?” and other things you don’t want to hear while on a space walk

This happens every time I work on my lawn mower, so I can relate. If I’m ever working on my lawn mower in orbit, I’ll really be able to relate.

From Fox News:

Spacewalking astronauts worried they have may have gummed up a successful job connecting an addition to the international space station Tuesday when a bolt, spring and washer floated free.

The washer floated into space, but the bolt and the spring were lost somewhere near or in the space station or the addition they were attaching.

The missing parts aren’t expected to hinder the construction of the carport and bay window.

A comment on the FreeRepublic forum had the best theory as to what may happen next:

They will eventually fall from orbit, not burn up in the atmosphere, land next to some car being worked on, causing the guy to wonder where the extra parts came from…

Update: The space-walkers/construction crew just lost more parts. Hey, give ’em a break, they’re just astronauts, not rocket scien… oh, nevermind…

Author: Doug Powers

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