Starbucks Sued For $114 Million (or 3 Mocha Latte Cappuccinos), Nude Logo Ordered Covered Up

A few weeks ago, Starbucks management emailed a coupon to a few employees and told them they could forward it to friends and family. Millions of people later, Starbucks was wondering what the hell happened, and now they’re being sued for not honoring the coupons.

In New York City recently, I walked all the way from the south end of Manhattan to Rockefeller Center on the top of Starbucks signs without touching the ground — or so it seemed. Starbucks franchises are obviously everywhere, and you can’t swing a sack of money without hitting one. Eventually and inevitably, somebody wants that sack to swing back.

From Fox News:

Starbucks was sued Friday for $114 million over its recall last week of a coupon that entitled the holder to a free large iced drink.

Peter Sullivan, a lawyer who sued on behalf of a 23-year-old Starbucks regular who felt “betrayed” when her coupon was not honored, accused the Seattle-based company of fraud. He said he will request class-action status to include the “thousands who were misled” by the offer.

On Aug. 23, Starbucks e-mailed the coupon for the free “grande” drink to selected employees with instructions for them to forward the coupon to friends and family.

But Sullivan said Starbucks got jittery and refused to honor the coupon after the company saw how widely it had been distributed.

To paraphrase Steven Wright, it’s lawyers like this that give the other 1% a bad name.

I hope that Starbucks wins this one, provided they take that $114 million and buy some of their management a Video Professor course so they can understand exactly what happens when you put Starbucks coupons on the internet. They’ve already been through the “101” course, the hard way.

By the way, whenever a business gets really big, it naturally gets many enemies. We need look no further than Wal-Mart for proof of that. That’s when the nasty stories start. There was a rumor that Starbucks didn’t support the war and refused to send donated coffee to Marines in Iraq. This is a story that’s relayed by people who hate Starbucks, oddly enough while clutching a Starbucks cup. The story is false.

Not that I’m a Starbucks fan. I go there once in a while, but only when it’s the only place around and I need a jolt. True, spending a small fortune on coffee is a sincere waste of money, but then, it’s not Starbucks’ fault that people are essentially tything to a caffeine peddler.

Starbucks has found quite the niche market — and it’s a biggie. More power to ’em. If anybody should bring a class action lawsuit, it’s the children, and future children, of Starbucks customers who should sue their parents for blowing their inheritence on banana coconut frappuccinos.

You have to love America. Only in the good ol’ U-S-of-A can you go listen to people drinking a 5-dollar cup of coffee complain about the price of gas.

Making boobs of other coffee companies

In closing, how long will it be before a lawyer gets a hold of this one: A school principal in Seattle has ordered teachers to cover up all Starbucks logos on cups that teachers may bring into the classroom, as the retro-logo celebrating Starbucks 35th anniversary depicts a topless mermaid who looks as if she’s on the tail-end of a 12-hour shift at Fleet Week.

Traumatized boys by the dozens have been seen running into the restroom and not emerging for hours, prompting the principal’s order.

The retro-logo currently in use is the one an the top:

Hmm… I’m off now for Caramel Macchiato. Good day, all.


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