Hitler Compares George Soros and MoveOn.org to Bush

Sometimes satire makes a point better than anything else, so here goes…


Hitler Compares George Soros and MoveOn.org to Bush

A shocking and strongly worded advertisement placed in The New York Times and signed by “A. Hitler” has compared billionaire Bush-basher George Soros and the liberal MoveOn.org to President Bush. All involved parties are now offended.

The full page ad was at first misplaced by Times staff, and found just yesterday under copies of book manuscripts Jayson Blair was working on before he got fired, including “The Old Man and the Sea” and “Un-Civil War: My Firsthand Account of the Battle of Antietam.”

The ad ran in this morning’s edition of the paper.

In the advertisement, Hitler writes, “You vacuous morons don’t know what real evil is. George Soros has compared Bush to me and my Nazi regime on many occasions, including recently on CNN. Schweinhunt! In fact Soros has a lot more in common with Bush than he does with me. They both wear expensive suits, the both made money in business, and they both talk funny. I killed millions of people. Millions! Just knock it off already. Meanwhile, there’s Osama Bin Laden sitting out there in a cave somewhere being dismissed like he’s Barney the f*#$%*g dinosaur or something. What’s wrong with you people?”

Hitler’s ad continues, “And MoveOn.org even compared Bush to me in a series of ads. George Soros funds MoveOn.org, so if anybody’s goose-stepping to the tune of a loon it’s the leftist I.T. weenies at that f*#$*#g website. In fact, none of you hyperbolizing pinheads are as evil as me… probably the closest things you have are Bryant Gumbel and Carrot-Top, but they’re still miles away from the hellborn monstrosity that I am. Should these unfair comparisons continue, I shall seek relief in a court of law.”

It’s not known if the ad is a hoax, or if somehow Hitler himself has managed to reach out from his seat on the end of Satan’s fork at the Hades Bar & Grill to compare Soros and MoveOn.org to Bush.

Hitler’s blurb has for now put a stop to Soros and MoveOn comparisons of Bush to Hitler, pending authentication of authorship. Bush fans are also putting on hold plans to compare George Soros and MoveOn to Stalin and Pol Pot respectively, while both Soros and Bush try to figure out how to counter the fact that they’re now being compared to each other by Hitler, who was the object of the original Soros and MoveOn comparison.

For now, everyone’s just plain confused and more than a little offended.


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